"Dandi's way of life, like the scent of a flower, is diffused unconsciously. It has its own aims and laws, and knows none other."

Dandi Living is an award winning architecture, design and development managment company operating in the premium sector of the real estate market in the UK and internationally.

The company focuses on creating innovative architectural and design schemes, undertaking development managment for projects and designing high quality lifestyle and ergonomic (space saving) products for residential and commercial interiors.

In the fieled of development, Dandi Living has the capability to act as a lead investor, and build and market properties under the DAndi Living brand name. Alternatively, the firm can also design, build and market properties on behalf of private and corporate investor clients, charging a project managment fee for services.

What we do

The living spaces the company creates showcase the Dandi brand's refined and elegant signature style which is comprised of features including large open rooms, lateral (wall based) lighting with features including light pillars, generous ceiling heights, full-height bespoke doors, hand cut bespoke mosaics made from the finest marble, feature windows, concealed designer kitchens hidden by folding-pocket doors, super-luxurious bathroom suites and bespoke joinery.

A key element of Dandi Living's signature style is maximising light and space in all the homes and commercial premises they create. The company's design team adroitly perceive that light and warmth create a sense of health and well being in a home. This is achieved through generous window to wall ratios and lateral (wall based) lighting with advanced Halogen florescent, wash and LED wall lighting which includes feature "light pillars".

The company's "light pillars" are dramatic floor-to-ceiling illuminated columns formed by pillars inset with LED-light strips with a frosted acrylic cover. The light pillars can be used form dramatic entranceways, delineate different living or retail areas and add glamour to reception rooms.

The company's highly innovative lifestyle and ergonomic products include bed-pods, fold-away kitchens, advanced air-conditioning systems, light pillars and shower columns.

The directors of Dandi Living have an extremely "hands on" approach to planning, property design and development. Each scheme they create is entirely bespoke, and the design, layout, fixtures and fittings are carefully and personally selected and reviewed by the senior management team.

Our history

Dandi Living can trace its origins back over 25 years to 1985 when Founding Director Ali Reza Ravanshad undertook his first private residential project, the refurbishment of an apartment on Ormond Terrace in Primerose Hill in Inner London. This was followed by further refurbishment, new development and acquisition and sales transactions in locations including Hampstead, Mayfair, Kensington and Notting Hill.

In 2007 the Dandi Living brand was formally established, taking its name from the late 18th Century term Dandy, which is a person who places importance on refined and sophisticated appearance, language, creativity and the arts. Creating refined and sophisticated living spaces is the focus of the brand, hence the highly novel and memorable name.

Dandi living today

Today Dandi Living undertakes around 15 projects per annum which can include development management projects, planning submissions, design concepts and architectural plans. In the housing sector, the company focuses on individual bespoke properties up to luxury residential schemes providing 20-40 homes. In the commercial market the company focuses on hotels, retail boutiques, commercial offices, hotels and casinos.

The head office is in Maida Vale and employs a team of 30 office based and site staff with departments covering the firm's design, architectural, interior design, planning and development skills and services.

The company is currently developing high quality residential and commercial schemes in locations including London, Cyprus, Moscow and St Petersburg. Whether it's a beachfront hotel or casino in Cyprus, the interior for a landmark bank in Moscow, or a super-luxury apartment, penthouse or townhouse in prime central London, all the properties that Dandi Living craft are built to the very highest standards of architecture, interior specification and design.

Dandi Living provides the perfect blend of functionality and creative design, with living spaces designed to the highest standards of authenticity and quality. The end result is an impressive property with classic interiors exuding timeless quality and luxury.